Artnresto was created by a conservator who provides restoration services in the United Kingdom.​ She always dreamed to combine both of her passions - painting and restoration. Some might say that a conservator cannot be both, but that is not necessarily true. The combination of restored objects and newly made art can merge well, especially if art is made using old techniques. After years of working as a professional conservator in the Lithuanian national museum of art and as a freelance painter, she decided to create a company where she can provide two interests as professional services.


In 2020 the founder did research on picture frames. She established that frames dating between 18-20th century, which no longer had paintings, are considered useless to many people. That is why she began collecting old picture frames in antique markets located in Brussels, Antwerp, and Ghent. She began restoring collected frames using ethical standards and principles of restoration. Using her own knowledge and skills, she began to create her own art which could be stylistically merged with restored frames. Today, she provides the same service to any people who have an old frame and wish to breathe new life into it. 


Artnresto also creates miniatures that are available for sale. Clients can also order a miniature on commission. 


In 2015 Paula began working as an art copyist freelancer. She was commissioned by governmental institutions and private clients. Today her work is displayed in a couple of mansions in Poland, Lithuania, and decorates clients' homes.

In 2018 She gained a bachelor's degree in restoration and conservation of easel paintings. 

In 2020 She gained a master's degree in cultural heritage management at Vilnius university. During the period of 2018-2020, she volunteered as a conservator at the Church Heritage Museum, located in Lithuania. She began working as an art teacher in a private studio, and started working as a paintings conservator in the Lithuanian national museum of art. She wrote an article about picture frames which was published in a scientific journal in Lithuania. She conducted research regarding problems in determining the value of picture frames, lack of inventory, deficiency of conservators, and researchers. Her final master's thesis on this theme received an award. 

In 2020 Paula moved to work and develop her company in the United Kingdom.