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Reporting tool for Heritage Professionals

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Digitising the heritage sector

Conservation practices carried out by professionals are highly observational, meaning every step of preservation has to be carefully documented, however, due to a lack of user-friendly digital tools a lot of information disappears without being properly documented. 

We are creating a tool for all heritage professionals to help them easily manage their work, share files with colleagues and store all documents in one place.



Use pre-created templates

Record your observations, object's condition,  restoration process and many more using pre-created templates


Drag-and-drop functionality

Easily move the text and images through drag-and-drop functionality. With one click, insert, clone or delete new pre-created and automated forms


Organise projects

Create project folders and store all research data, restoration documentation in one place


Manage projects

Manage every step of conservation, preservation, storage, inventory, and research using our project management features


Improve collaboration with colleagues

Share your project folder with colleagues and let them add relevant documents to the same area 


Import and export files

Download and print files or import documents into relevant folders

Museum Employees

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